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ATR is dedicated to assisting people with varying abilities in regaining their independence and providing a new way to look at life!

Founded in 1995, ATR is proud to provide evaluations and training for individuals with unique needs. Over the past 20+ years we have worked with schools, employers, job coaches, and individuals to provide complete solutions and supporting services. It is our passion and mission to serve anyone in need with a drive to succeed!

ATR provides adaptive products and services for clients with special needs, and also conducts professional evaluations conducted by certified Occupational Therapists. We offer individual and group professional development for a variety of software and hardware solutions. We have had long term relationships with County, State and Federal Agencies, such as:

• Wisconsin Department of Vocational Rehabilitation

• Veterans Administration in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois & Indiana

• Public and Private K-12 Schools and Colleges & Universities throughout Wisconsin

• Office of the Blind & Visually Impaired

• Independent Living Centers

• Rehabilitation Institutes and Spinal Cord Injury Centers throughout the Midwest

• County Health & Human Services

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ATR seeks out and builds relationships with manufacturers of specialty computer software and hardware to better serve our client’s. We are constantly looking for unique technology to help individuals overcome barriers. We are proud to represent these cutting edge companies and feel like ATR, their missions are rooted in a desire to help others succeed.

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Local Phone: 262-375-2020
Toll Free Phone: 800-770-8474
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